women are hurt by gender roles just as much as men?

sorry i wasnt aware that women are forced to do dirty, horrid jobs because of their sex

i wasnt aware that they arent allowed to wear certain colors or girly clothes

i wasnt aware that women…

Well how about the fact that women can’t be masculine.. 
Can’t work certain jobs because they get stuck with jobs that “suit” them.
We have to be fashionable..we can’t walk around in long shorts and t-shirts all the time.
Even if a woman isn’t emotional everyone expects her to be.
We have to be hygienic. God Forbid a woman smell bad.
Paying for things is a whole other subject, if she refuses to pay you probably shouldn’t have gone out with her in the first place… Going dutch is perfectly fine but yes it is looked down upon by society. 

Neither sex is affected more by the gender constructs we are forced to follow. We are equally held up to ridiculous standards. 

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