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"As a doctor, let me tell you what self-love does:
It improves your hearing, your eyesight, lowers your blood pressure, increases pulmonary function, cardiac output, and helps wiring the musculature. So, if we had a rampant epidemic of self-love then our healthcare costs would go down dramatically. So, this isn’t just some little frou-frou new age notion, oh love yourself honey. This is hardcore science."

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The prophecy
"One day I just woke up and realized that I can’t touch yesterday. So why the heck was I letting it touch me?"

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"text me when you get home so i know you’re safe" kinda people are the people i wanna be around


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So this showed up on Occupy Democrats. 

I don’t want to look back in five years time and think, ‘We could have been magnificent, but I was afraid.’ In 5 years I want to tell of how fear tried to cheat me out of the best thing in life, and I didn’t let it.


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